Two Hats recently had the pleasure of working with Rosy Moon on a new website for her yoga practice! The first thing that was clear was that Rosy wanted her site to be beautiful and modern. We decided to use Avada’s brand-new Cafe demo as our inspirational springboard, as we liked the overall look and feel.

The real task was making the theme lighter, more inviting, and also integrating some of Rosy’s “sacred” style. The idea was to have a primarily white website with varying shades of grey; using our orange “pop” color to highlight text links. Cassie Waldman created a beautiful logo for her and then Two Hats’ web designer, Jake Gleason, integrated the colors from the logo into the website. Rosy also had some great photography from Becca Henry & Fernando Aguila, so creating appealing pages was a breeze.

To give it a sense of Rosy’s sacred geometry styling, Jake created some cool transparent custom icons for the home page, using mathematically-interlocking circles. These custom icons were used throughout the site (on the services and contact pages) to add some flavor. Aesthetically, it is one of Two Hats’ best websites to date. Click here to check it out!