Immersive World-building
For Introverts, Renegades, and
Creative Misfits

Wabi Sabi needed to speaking to iconoclastic C-suite directors and producers in the gaming and movie industries. We created a bombastic dreamland, referencing the multidimensional imagination of artists like Hieronymous Bosch with fantastical hybrid creatures like ostrich horns, flower megaphones, and trumpet corals geared to pro audio heads.

Interactive Technical Charms
To Wow an Expert Audience

The home page responds to each visitor’s unique movements thanks to a parallax effect with a set of overlapping layers that track the mouse at different speeds. The depth and apparent randomness of this interactivity delights visitors with a playfulness that is reinforced by gif animations throughout. It’s a wild, wacky world, with a felt meaning you can’t quite put your finger on. Who’s really behind the curtain?

Over the last few months, we’ve gotten many special call outs on the website! Also, working with the backend to update content has been a DREAM compared to the old site. We do seem to be having some uptick in leads as well. Feel our love…feel it! Thank you, team, for the fine work.

— Andrew Lackey, Audio Director & Founder

Dreaming Big
And Getting the Job Done

The website’s high-fidelity phantasmagoria represents the expansive possibility of sound while its clean layout allows Wabi Sabi’s impressive portfolio to speak for itself. All together, we wanted to show that the Wabi Sabi team has both wide-ranging creativity and also the real-world experience to get big projects done.

Big thanks to Andy and Wabi Sabi for such a fun creative opportunity!