Regenerative Farming
Good for the Earth

The herbalist practitioners and students who purchase Oshala’s organic herbs know that regenerative farming practices both promote ecological health and produce more potent medicine. We designed product packaging for this discerning audience, copyediting sharp, well-researched product descriptions and combining them with soft, natural watercolor illustrations and line drawings that reference vintage botanical science literature.

Going Big with Wholesale
Tripling Online Sales

Two Hats art directed a photoshoot to show that big, done right, can be beautiful. Drone photography on Oshala’s page for wholesale buyers shows their farm in all its splendor and a customized order form gives them a dedicated, streamlined sales path. Showing wholesale buyers that Oshala understands their needs helped them triple their online sales.

Two Hats took our business to where we dreamed of going. We now have a website and brand that captures the essence of our farm and have tripled our online sales! We thought we were just getting a new website but in the process Two Hats had got us thinking about our business goals on all levels.

— Elise Higley, Owner & Herbalist

Proud to Support
A Family Farm

Oshala’s website features warm outdoor photos of people working closely together and living simply and happily. It recognizes the dedicated farm team the season’s harvest depends on and shows family shots of the Higleys, who purchasers might remember from an herbalism conference or their local farmers market. We are proud to support these good folks who tend the land with utmost care, growing medicine for their communities.