Heritage and Commitment

The logo redesign was clear: focus on the name with a distinctive wordmark. The umlauted “o” is stylized and brought out as a standalone symbol, referring to Köehn’s German heritage and signaling a level of quality and precision worthy of a modern machine shop.

Attention to Detail

The Edward Köehn Co. website features intricate technical photography with a lustrous, finished touch. Line illustrations echo blueprints and precision cuts for a clean aesthetic, designed for the product managers and engineers holding Edward Koehn’s work to their microscopes.

A 75-Year Legacy

Two Hats directed photography and video, emphasizing a sharpness that matches the shop’s finely-machined components. We balanced imagery of machines with portraits of tattooed workers for a human touch, balancing cold metal with warm personality.

The Köehn family’s business is built on relationship and a reputation for excellent customer service. We’re proud to help them continue a legacy, showing that even in the age of automation it is real people who get the job done.