Taking Action With
Just a Few Clicks

Thousands of busy online shoppers care about justice but “don’t have time to be activists.” So we designed a range of options that work with people’s busy lives, whether tweeting a hashtag, joining a facebook group, or signing up for issues-based campaigns. This range helps Boldly test their startup idea and track participation, leadership development, and community growth.

Points of Intervention

When you make a purchase online, the Boldly chrome extension tells you how the company you’re purchasing from stands up on issues you care about. The point of purchase is a powerful moment to intervene, educate, and redirect shoppers’ purchases to better reflect their values.

Amplify Your Values
Hold Big Companies Accountable

When thousands of individual actions are coordinated into campaigns, companies feel the heat. Building from individual to collective to national media, Boldly unites people who care to demand bold commitments from the biggest companies.

We believe in Boldly’s vision to make big companies’ impacts visible and accessible to the people that support them with their purchases. Look out corporate wrongdoers, no amount of misleading PR will change your data-backed ethics ratings!