Muddy Waters Become Clear Streams

For the past 25 years, Bay Psychiatric Associates prior success existed in their ability to operate with autonomy. After expanding to six subdivisions with no clear business structure, BPA hit an organizational plateau. This brought confusion, as no one knew how to market themselves as a company. To solve this problem, countless interviews with over 25 stakeholders were led. As a result, BPA was able to align on the company philosophy, define its core audiences, and create a user-centered journey.

Creating Holistic Flow

A clear brand identity and harmonious user journey flows through all of BPA’s marketing touchpoints. From the website to the trade show material, audiences are met with an exceptional healthcare experience.

With Two Hats you feel like you are collaborating with your best friend or favorite colleague, as they are able to work with you closely and articulate your vision into an undeniably killer product. Their ability to pick up on the intricacies of our organization to help us rebrand our logo and roll-out a new website was effective. Since the inception of our new website, we have received hundreds of referrals across all of our locations and service lines. I attribute this to the thoughtful care, consideration and countless hours put into the tiniest details, ensuring its success. I would hands down work with them again and will continue to do so on items such as collateral material and social media.

— Laura O’Flaherty, Director of Practice Administration

Aspiring Towards Health For All

The unification of BPA’s brand creates an opportunity for the company to grow. Every BPA stakeholder carries a single vision now: to care for the community through a collaborative patient-centered approach. Their devotion to each patient makes them the most comprehensive psychiatric group in the Bay Area.