Finding your business voice

Finding the voice of your business. It’s work.

Who are you reaching out to?
What do they desire from you?
What are the problems they want you to fix?
What are the solutions they imagine you will bring?

Finding the right answers to those questions can be tricky. Should you communicate through long form explorations of a subject? What about using simple bullets to get your ideas across clearly? Perhaps different images are needed? Or just a really funny subject line?

The central solution to being a better writer is to write more, so that part is simple. It’s a challenge, but it’s simple.

Another solution is to give your audience examples of two different voices, and see which one they respond to. The classic model is sending out 1,000 fliers: 500 printed on red paper, 500 printed up blue. Give the red fliers a different call back number than the blue ones, then count up the calls for each. You’ll find out whether your audience are “Blue” types or “Red” types. In marketing, it’s called A/B split testing.

And so Two Hats is trying different voices, through different subject line testing in our newsletter, using different tone and voice announcements for the same events, and even trying different images linking to the same articles. Over the next few weeks we will share our results and discoveries.

Stay Tuned…