A good domain name is important to establishing your web presence. It’s not essential to have the perfect name, but choosing a domain that people can remember, can associate with your brand and — perhaps most importantly — can type into their browser correctly is very helpful.

My favorite domain name host is Hover.com. They are owned by Tucows, Inc., who have been a registrar practically since the dawn of the Interwebs, and so know the business well. Hover is a response to the annoying, overly cluttered, terribly designed domain name registrars whose sites practically yell at you when you visit them. (I’m not naming any names here, but you know who you are, annoying domain hosts.)

Their prices are not the lowest on the web, and not the highest. They are high enough that you get a real person on the phone who will sit with  you and help you solve your issue if you have one, which is well worth an extra few bucks a year to me. I was thrilled when I first saw their clean style and uncluttered interface, and they’ve continually improved it since their launch. I find their tools powerful, easy to use, and inclusive of all the essential elements I need for basic domain management. If you don’t know how to make the changes required and you’re working with me, I can make them for you, or you can count on Hover’s excellent support staff for help.