It’s supposed to be a triumphant feeling. You’ve just finished penning your latest online pontification about the implications of Netanyahu’s actions in US Congress on the world supply of Fair Trade free-range quinoa, and you’re glowing with pride. You click the Publish button, scan your post for misplaced homonyms, and drink in the delight of your well-chosen blog image, which is not only legal, but a full-on Premium iStock image. You’re positively rocking it. Everyone is suddenly more attractive, and you’ve even found a place in your heart for the damned crows who always steal your trinkets and use them as tools for their eventual avian uprising.

Before the post-natal flood of happy brain juice subsides, you’re compelled to share your amazeballs creation with the world. Where better to trumpet your creation than the almighty Facebook? Jenna from Accounts Receivable will be forced to admit her stupendous folly vis-a-vis quinoa once and for all.

‘Tis a simple operation, reposting a blog entry to the mighty Facebook. One must merely ferry the URL from one’s blog post and paste it as the answer to the timeless question, “What’s on Your Mind?”

Except.. Horror of horrors.. Upon cradling your freshly birthed and exquisitely SEOd URL into the waiting arms of Facebook, the almighty institution has the gall to display not your meticulously curated Premium image, not even your logo, but… a skewed and twisted representation of… is that your site’s Donate button? What the eff is that doing in there? You try in vain to click the triangle thingy that scrolls through your various images, but Facebook loves you not. The abominable crows must have partaken of your image and left naught but useless silver ribbon in its stead!

You crumple in front of your screen, deflated by the damnable crows, or perhaps your own ignorance, you’re not sure which. In desperation, you clack an all-caps screed into your Awesome Bar: “WHAT IS THE THING WHNEN YOU TRY TO PUT YOUR BLOG ON FACEBOOK AND FACEBOOK HATES YOU AND YOUR IMAGE IS TERRIBLE?!?!?!?” Luckily, the Internet is prepared to receive your pain, and an answer emerges from the wreckage of your morning. Why, it’s Ye Olde Open Graph Debugger Toole, of course. Trumpets blare! A handsome knight clops up to you on a white horse with the ubiquitous and non-threatening Capital-F branded on its hind flank.

“Milady, I prithee, paste thy URL into my search field.”

“O-o-okay..” you stammer. Cmd-C, Cmd-V.

“CLicketh mine Fetch New Scrape Information button.” The knight pronounces this last word like “buh-tonn.”


A new world emerges! One inaccessible to thieving crows, guarded by the F-adorned knights of yore! You are bathed in a shining white light, and your happy brain juice begins to hesitantly dribble once again. A scroll of wisdom unfurls itself, containing none other than.. your beloved Premium Image! It’s.. not gone after all! Happy day!

Upon further inspection, the wondrous scroll contains answers to many of life’s mysteries. What information does the mighty Facebook hold about my post? Are there other Open Graph meta tags missing? When and how was the URL last scraped? Any warnings that should be fixed? What about the crows? Sadly, the mighty Facebook cares not for the crows. But all this other information is there, and more.

Take a spin over to the Open Graph Debugger Tool, paste the URL of your latest brilliant creation thence, and watch the magic.

Then, scoot on over to re-answer the question of the ages, “What’s on Your Mind?” An exquisitely curated image, that’s what’s on my mind!

Triumph awaits at the Open Graph Debugger Tool!

(Note: The chorus to RJD2’s Ghost Writer should be played during this winning moment for maximum happy brain juice.)