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Rosy Moon Yoga is SO LIVE!


Two Hats recently had the pleasure of working with Rosy Moon on a new website for her yoga practice! The first thing that was clear was that Rosy wanted her site to be beautiful and modern. We decided to use Avada’s brand-new Cafe demo as our inspirational springboard, as we liked the overall [...]

Rosy Moon Yoga is SO LIVE!2018-12-04T13:29:35-08:00

What Do Business Owners Really Want?


A funny thing happened with our one question survey from last month. “Marketing” won? That’s what people said they wanted. Yeah, that’s huge. May 20th Survey Question: My biggest, and most important, concern about running and growing my business is... Survey Answers: Logistics and systems - 12% Employees and vendors - 9% Marketing [...]

What Do Business Owners Really Want?2018-12-04T13:29:37-08:00

Time Management as Self-Care


Timers are the most useful tools... The practice of wellness is being in a flow state. Where you aren’t conscious of your individuality and the stark separation. We often think we’re conscious all the time but the only parts you remember are when you are conscious. Part of flow state is that you don’t [...]

Time Management as Self-Care2018-12-04T13:29:37-08:00

How Does Your Business Get the Word Out?


Finding your business voice Finding the voice of your business. It’s work. Who are you reaching out to? What do they desire from you? What are the problems they want you to fix? What are the solutions they imagine you will bring? Finding the right answers to those questions can be tricky. [...]

How Does Your Business Get the Word Out?2018-12-04T13:29:38-08:00

The Simple Path to Creating a Business Identity


So many new entrepreneurs get lost in creating a brand for their business, often putting too much money and thought into how a logo or website should look, but not focusing enough on what impact that logo or website will have on their audience. This branding exercise should help you quickly create a solid [...]

The Simple Path to Creating a Business Identity2018-12-04T13:29:43-08:00

Pick-Up-Artist vs. Salesman


Pick-up is under the umbrella of sales which is under the umbrella of persuasion which is under the umbrella of communications. 1. Differences between sales and pick-up skills. 2. Differences between good communication skills and pick-up or sales. 3. Any other thoughts on these three areas and how they relate to each other. [...]

Pick-Up-Artist vs. Salesman2018-12-04T13:29:45-08:00

Fee Structures in Advertising


The consensus is that 15% - 25% operating profit, as a percentage of gross revenue, is "fair agency profitability." This translates to between 2% - 4% of billings on media and production. The advertising agency business is a service industry and operates under conditions of unusual risk and uncertainty. A 15% - 25% [...]

Fee Structures in Advertising2018-12-04T13:29:45-08:00