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Entrepreneurs, especially when starting out, need a steady stream of new clients, right? These clients may be old friends or acquaintances and can bring in a lot more business for you – if you do things right.

Here are three basic principles to help you maintain steady revenue through word of mouth referrals:

1. Deliver a Great Product or Service

In order for people to spread the word, you need to offer a great product or service. It’s a basic concept. It’s necessary to offer something great. It’s obvious.

If you deliver greatness, people will talk. They’ll talk to their friends, they’ll talk to their family, they’ll talk to anyone who might be looking for what you are offering. But you gotta bring the goods.

Sometimes it can be hard to deliver your product like a rockstar. There’s a multitude of overwhelming factors – internal resistance, lack of sleep, time restraints, etc. That’s where your support system comes in. If you have a solid support system then you, your business, and your clients will benefit. Good structures can include a business coach, an accountability group, a business partner, or a mastermind business group.

What can you do to get support in taking care of yourself so you can deliver a great product or service?

2. Find Connectors and Advocates

Connectors are people who have a large network and love to share resources whenever the opportunity arises – “Oh, your bike needs fixing? Biketopia, on Alcatraz, is super handy”. If you connect with these people, you’re likely to have some cross-pollination going on.

Advocates are people who LOVE your product or service. They’ve personally benefited from your work and want to tell the whole world about you. Treat your advocates like gold. They are, after all, tooting your horn for free. So send a bottle of champagne on their birthday and a thank you card for each referral they give you.

Connectors are good for cross pollination and widening your network.
Advocates are good for spreading the word about YOU.

3. Seal Project Completion

Alright, the project has been completed, the sale has been made – The final goal has been reached.

To reinforce the feeling of a solid close to a project:

  • Inform the client that the project is wrapped up and complete
  • List every completed component of the project
  • Thank them for working with you and request that if they are pleased, you’d love it if they put a good word in for you, either on Yelp or out to their immediate community.
  • And finally, it can’t hurt to woo your client with one last note – a chocolate bar from Coracoa Confections and a thank you card.

This leaves your client with a clear sense of completion and of being well served. This good feeling will, in turn, give your client cause to talk about you and send more clients your way.

If you want to increase your word of mouth clientele then build your support system, network with connectors, treat your advocates like gold, and close your projects with a summary and a gift.

Photo Credit:
Coracoa Confections