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“When I first started my business I kept thinking there was no way I was going to make it through the next month. But then in February 2014 I started working with Two Hats Consulting and that’s when everything began to change. Since then my business has grown by 210%. Two Hats Consulting helped me to strategize business objectives, grow my staff, and launch successful marketing campaigns.”

— Koryn Johnson, Milagro Massage • Berkeley



“Two Hats designed our incredible website at, from December 2014-February 2015. It is beautiful, visually appealing, and we’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. It is on WordPress and uses Avada theme. Damian Sol, partner and main project manager, is an absolute gem. He is very on top of everything and a pleasure to work with. He and Jake Gleason (designer) were very responsive and worked really hard to get our site live, as it ended up being more complex than any of us anticipated.

Jake is a talented designer and helped make the site really beautiful, along with graphic designer Cassie Waldman. The best parts of the project were when we all got down to the nitty-gritty, sketching out pages on a whiteboard, to make the project come alive. Damian and team have also been responsive and helpful post-project, when we run into the occasional question.”

— Nancy Shaw, Non-Profit, Wilderness Torah, • Berkeley, CA



“I highly recommend Two Hats Consulting! I came across Two Hats about a year and a half ago when our firm was in need of a new web developer. John was great! He came to our office to meet everyone and get a sense of our firm’s needs. We warned him that a lot of our projects may be last minute and that it would be important that he have a quick turnaround time.

This was no problem for John at all. John and his team are very responsive and are able to create A+ work in a short period of time. Our clients have been so impressed by their work, that they now use Two Hats as well. John and his team have been fantastic to work with and I recommend their services to everyone!”

— Anna Reed, Investment Brokerage • San Francisco, CA



“Two Hats Consulting has been great to work with. They’ve done marketing work, advertising, and consulting for my company. We continue to work with Two Hats and consider their entire team a valuable support for our business endeavors. I highly recommend Two Hats Consulting.”

— Cameron Habel, Habel Construction • Oakland, CA



“John and Two Hats were instrumental in helping grow my design business. They provided valuable insights and guidance on everything from hiring and HR to financials. Thank you Two Hats!”

— Jennifer Jones, Niche Interiors • San Francisco, CA


Over 30 Five-Star Reviews on Yelp


“I’m actually writing because I was super impressed with John and the lengths he went to for me and my small business. In the end, Two Hats Consulting ended up not being able to help with my specific project. What impressed me was the level of commitment to follow through and find someone, as opposed to leaving me in a bind… John was very thoughtful and thorough – qualities that I truly value.”

— Carly B., CJB Insurance Services Inc. • Berkeley, CA


“I contacted Two Hats Consulting for help revamping a website. John and his team were great – they responded quickly to my inquiry, were really friendly and generous with their time and most importantly they were very knowledgeable about things that could be done easily that would generate more traffic to the site right away. I definitely recommend them.”

— Michael M., Fine Artist • San Francisco, CA


“We are a very busy startup in SF and engaged Two Hats to rebuild and secure our WordPress Site with a more modern theme engine and improved design. It was a completely seamless process and they delivered highly professional work ahead of schedule. Five Stars!!!”

— Alan Wilhelm, CampusTap • San Francisco, CA


“John Van Dinther gave a talk at the San Francisco Design Center called Online Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers. I bought a ticket for my Marketing Intern and myself. It was probably the best return for my investment yet. He talked before a sold-out room and generously gave us information on marketing strategies today and future trends as he sees them approaching. I took detailed notes and have shared the pearls of wisdom I gained from listening to John to my friends in our industry. If you wear a number of hats in your business and cannot waste a lot of time figuring out what you should be doing, then listen to Two Hats Consulting.”

— Rosemarie H., Interior Designer • San Rafael, CA


“Two Hats did a fantastic job radically revamping my company website and logo. Thanks to their insightful guidance and expertise in design and web development, I now not only have a fresh, energetic look that better represents the culture of my expanding business but a highly functional site with a significantly increased conversion rate. Hats off to Two Hats! Thanks, John, Damian, and Cassie :)”

— Amy Morgenstern, Blue Stars Admissions Consulting • San Francisco, CA


“John and Damian helped me reframe what I’m trying to accomplish in my marketing and promotion strategy. I also got some useful feedback on my presentation.”

— James Kirsch, Musician • Oakland, CA


“If you are looking for someone to create a website and/or newsletter? Look no further! Two Hats Consulting team has been extremely helpful! I came to them with an idea and they turned it into a reality. I’m very busy and hate marketing, but in this world it needs to be done. I still could be making improvements, but at least I have John, Jack and Damian to keep me going!!!! Thanks Two Hats Consulting!”

— Simone Hoover, Realtor • Berkeley, CA


“We’ve used Two Hats Consulting a number of times over the years and it’s always been extremely helpful. We think of it as Business Therapy. We talk with John Van Dinther about whatever problem we are trying to solve and he brings his perspective and clear strategic thinking to bear. It’s always very helpful. Then other people from the group come in to handle different tasks. It allows us to continue getting the work done while the consulting firm is handling whatever we’ve asked them to do. Totally worth it!”

— Nancy Van Natta, Interior Designer • Soquel, CA


“I went in to talk to John about getting my website overhauled and some SEO work done. I appreciated that he actually suggested that, for the limited budget I had, it would be best utilize his services for certain stages of the project and work on the rest by myself. Though this may not have been what I originally wanted to hear, I am glad that he did not try to sell me something I could not afford.”

— Yurik Riegel, Fine Artist • Berkeley, CA


“I have had incredible anxiety about branding and tons of website shame and I’ve done several online programs about this stuff with some small results. But nothing complete or concrete. Sitting with John and Damian changed how I see not just branding, but the entire strategy of my business. They walked me through a clarity process that helped me understand the core of what it means to be visibility and showed me where I’d been hiding out.

The very core of my visibility dysfunction was put up on a white board and made visible with all the love in the whole world to hold me through the transformation (and keep me from being sick to my stomach about the whole thing). I walked out of that meeting with crystal clarity about where we’re going and a plan to get there. Not only that, but I felt loved and held that whole time. If you’re even considering doing this work, these are the folks to do it with, no question.”

— Briana Cavanaugh, Financial Coach • Oakland, CA


“Two Hats Consulting has been invaluable! As a business coach, John has helped me work through my self-doubts, getting me back on track when I felt like giving up. I also got to participate in the Two Hats Mastermind Group for Wellness Practitioners. High quality content, goal setting, accountability groups, role playing exercises, and one-to-one coaching – the value far exceeded its price!

As a participant of the program I got to attend the Two Hats workshop on how to build a better website where I learned tons of useful information about what I can do to get the most from my website. Damian, the Two Hats web designer, was super helpful – giving guidance and answering my questions. Now I’m getting more clients through my new website — which makes me very happy 🙂 I look forward to continuing to work with Two Hats as my business grows. I’m so grateful that I hung in there because I’m make a living doing work that I love. Thank you Two Hats Consulting!”

— Jennifer Hilgert, Massage Therapist • Oakland, CA


“Being an entrepreneur feels much of the time like being out at sea, sailing a small boat through rough seas, alone. I started working with John about five months ago, and since that time I feel like I have an advocate, a friend, and most importantly, someone who knows what he’s doing. After meeting with John (or calling him at 11pm on a Tuesday night to discuss cash flow statements–he’s amazingly generous with his time), the rough seas become calm, the focus returns and I can go back to work.

John is experienced, super intelligent, has tremendous business savvy and knowledge. He’s friendly and a great, great listener. Together we are making sense of what I want to do, crafting a detailed plan to make my business get off the ground and fly. In much less than a year, John has given me what feels like 3-4 years worth of experience and knowledge. Hire this man.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that John’s company Two Hats has incredibly good web services for a very reasonable price. Two Hats is the total package. Hire this company.”

— Tony Leonard, Musician’s Agent • Oakland, CA


“John is insightful, professional, caring, intelligent, and a no B.S. kind of guy. He’ll cut to the chase and help you make the changes and plans that will make your business a success. Since working with John at the beginning of the year, my revenue has already increased 25% and growing! We are now putting together a plan that looks like it will double that. Work with him a little bit, get a little improvement. Work with him a lot, take it to the next level.”

— David Schlussel, Life Coach and Yogi • Albany, CA


“If you’re starting a business in the Bay Area, or thinking of starting one, you should really talk to John. Thanks in large part to him (and a shit ton of work) I am now running a thriving Digital Content Boutique and have enjoyed my last year more than any other single year in my long career. What John brings to the table is a really strong curiosity that helps you flush out every aspect of what you’re about to do. He combines that with a really strong business sensibility and mastery of business building basics.

He gave me the nuts n’ bolts, the guidance, the encouragement, and, even, some personal advice that helped me start, evolve and grow. And even though I don’t see him now, he’s still there talking to me in the back of my mind.”

— Todd Anthony, Copywriter • Greenbrae, CA


“John is such a great resource for business marketing and development. I worked with John about one year ago and I am still reaping the rewards of our work together. I got amazing tools and content from him in our very first session. So I did a number of sessions with him. His no-holds-barred approach gave me resources and tools that are still relevant for me today.

Of course he is professional and a clear and compassionate communicator, and he also has a friendly personable and warm. His team of experts are also thorough, professional, and are just really great people. I recommend any business work with him long-term.”

— Jessica Hadari, Femtalks Creator • El Cerrito, CA


“John helped me focus my intentions at a time when I was overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t realize how much I needed his services until I became aware of the clarity he helped me discover. He is patient, sincere and focused. He is a tremendous resource for any entrepreneur who could use coaching to reach the next level in their business or personal life. I am grateful that I was able to work with him.”

— Jonathan Wishnev, Computer Tech • Oakland, CA


“John has crystallized the focus and processes I needed to take my business to the next level. Having gone through a few evolutions and tweaks along the years, his branding workshop was just what I needed. He provided tangible action steps to take while measuring the outcomes and results. He has great vision and helped me clarify my messaging thru better usage of social media and other avenues.

Believe me, he’s a natural at marketing/branding/messaging and business. Plus, he has incredible resources at his fingertips. Equally, he instills a work/life balance and self-care philosophy that is sure to keep us all alive and well while contributing on the planet. Two Hats off to you, John!”

— Bethany St. Clair, St. Clair Organize & Design • Sacramento, CA


“I have been working with John for just over half a year. I come out of every session with a clear vision of what I need to do next to improve my business. John not only takes the time to listen to all the aspects of my concerns, he asks questions to be sure he completely understands before coming up with a path that gives me the knowledge and confidence I need to solve that problem.

My favorite part about working with John is that I feel like my business is as important to him as it is to me. From the broadest concepts to the most minute details, he takes the time with me I need.”

— Alden Miller, Alden Miller Interiors • Pacifica, CA


“John has given me more than I could ask for from working with him. He has helped me improve my business significantly by teaching me business and marketing strategies, and helping me increase my confidence. I have learned that starting your own business is all about believing in yourself. John has listened to all of my concerns and fears, and has helped me to overcome them.

I have gained confidence and trust in myself with his transformational business work. John is more than a business coach. He is a transformational coach. I highly value all that he has to offer. He has continued to challenge me in the best ways. Not only has he helped me grow my business substantially, but he has also helped me grow as a person in all areas of my life. I could not ask for a better business transformational coach. Thank you, John. I appreciate you.”

— Cameron Airen, Fitness Trainer • Berkeley, CA


“John’s all day Social Media class is awesome!!! Lot’s of information on navigating Facebook Twitter and other social mediums in relation to your business. Really simplifies the process in a small intimate setting, there is plenty of individual attention particular to your specific business, it’s one in a series of 4 classes, looking forward to the next class in the series!”

— Ama Nkwa, Soul Coach • San Francisco, CA


“I found John and Two Hats Consulting by doing a Google search and then reading Yelp reviews. John returned my call the same day and spent an hour with me outlining what he could do to help me more effectively market my 12 year old massage practice. Even though I’d sought him out, I was a reluctant and stubborn client and almost immediately started resisting his suggestions.

He continued to lead me out of the darkness by offering multiple perspectives and options for approaches until I found a few that clicked for me. At the end of that first conversation, I ended up in a radically shifted frame of mind and felt excited and had a clear understanding of a path through the work in front of me. I hired him at the end of that call.

Over the course of the next 3 months, I worked closely with John to focus my goals, make a plan, sharpen my technology skills and possibly most importantly, embrace and enjoy the process. John was never judgmental, took my crash sarcasm and cynicism in stride and helped me shift that energy to a more productive place. John is business savvy and a very capable business coach. He is grounded, honest and direct. He is also warm, kind and fun to work with. Since completing my work with John, my business has grown exponentially. I highly recommend him!”

— Valerie Agnew, Massage Therapist • San Francisco, CA


“In roughly six months of coaching, John Van Dinther has had a profound impact on my life. Wearing those two hats of his, he’s worked with me on two main areas: dating/relationships and business. In both areas, he’s excelled at supporting me in seeing clearly, getting more grounded, and showing up with solidity and passion. I’ve taken major strides forward in both arenas. Great work John!”

— Matthew Taylor, Cal Student Housing • Berkeley, CA


“I am a small business owner (chiropractor in downtown Berkeley) and am always looking at how I can make my business more successful. Not only do I want to earn more money, I want to serve more patients, offer them a better experience, and have good “operations” within my business. I just hired Two Hats Consulting and John was incredible at asking the right questions to quickly identify what was most important to me, what my goals were, and where I needed to put attention to improve my business (and my life!).

He’s easy to talk to because I get the sense that he cares about me, and about making the world a better place, but more than that, he’s really knowledgeable about business management. Every time a new topic would come up, from staffing, to internet marketing, to commercial real estate purchases, he would instantly have something invaluable to say. I wish I’d recorded our sessions because my written notes just couldn’t capture it all.

Basically, John is the answer to your business consulting needs. If you’re interested in how your business could be thriving beyond where it is now, give this man a call.”

— Elon Bartlett, Chiropractor • Oakland, CA


“John offers top of the line coaching and provides positive reinforcement at every turn. I have used Two Hats Consulting various times in the life of my small business and every time I meet with John, his insights and new ideas provide a powerful way for me to look at problems and create opportunities! Give Two Hats a try, you’ll be glad you did!”

— John Sims, Fine Artist • Lenexa, KS


“All I know is that Avra Organic Spa would not be in business today if it wasn’t for Two Hats Consulting (the name is so appropriate for the multi-tasking us entrepreneurs are doing daily). I knew John Van Dinther was a good business coach before Avra was born, but after having employees I really see his work shine.

What business owner doesn’t need better management skills? This is the first time in my life I’ve had more than I employee (we jumped to 8 right off the bat). I thought I was good at managing, but until John came into the picture I realized that this is a lifelong process and if my employees eyes don’t shine when they’re working then something is wrong with the management, not them.

Thank you John for saving my frustrated little mind and supporting Avra in such a difficult time… we wouldn’t be here without you. Muah!”

— Laura Ash, Day Spa Director and Herbalist • Roswell, GA


“John is amazing. Though I wanted my business to succeed I was resistant to many marketing and networking tools, particularly social media. Because of John’s insight and compassion, I was able to identify the fear that went with my resistance. I have worked with other marketing experts but John, by far, takes the cake.

He looked at the whole picture and listened to what really mattered to me, not only in terms of revenue but, most importantly, my heart. Though I am launched now I know I will continue to work with John as I continue to reach the next levels.”

— Maria Barron, Independent Insurance Agent • San Francisco, CA


“I had the opportunity to sit down with John and discuss the startup of my new small business. This being my first business, i’ve been extremely stressed out. Sitting down with John was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. He has the capability to understand your business, where you’re at in the development, and understanding where you want to go.

Extremely resourceful, and passionate about helping. His ability to assess where I was at in development, and offering useful suggestions that have proven to be game changing for my development. Starting a business is rough, John helped me out a lot. It’s rare in business you meet someone who is extremely brilliant in business, and speaks from the heart. Two Hats!!!”

— Michael Lazzeri, Fine Artist • San Francisco, CA


“John Van Dinther is a consultant and coach for small business owners. Part financial planner, part therapist, part marketing guru–John knows what he is talking about and has helped my business grow. He has helped me considerably.”

— Rachel Bezer, Graphic Designer • Oakland, CA


“Every time I have a coaching session with John, I feel like I just got plugged into a high voltage electrical outlet. I am filled with exciting new ideas for how to develop my business and the energy to implement them. Often it’s many more ideas than I can even use. My business is growing by leaps & bounds. I’ve hired business coaches before but never had better business coaching.”

— Jamie Kahl, Astrologer • Albany, CA


“John is positive and on point. He always “gets it” and his structured processes make it easy to implement the big and the small. He’s a huge value add to any project. It’s a good day when I get to collaborate with John on my business.”

— Juston Brommel, Marketing Consultant • Santa Monica, CA


“I worked with John and his team on a few marketing/branding/web updates for my interior design firm. I was really impressed with John and his team. What I really appreciated the most was how attentive John was, he really took the time to listen to my needs and to understand who I was and what my goals were for my business. I highly recommend John and Two Hats Consulting for your marketing, web design and business consulting needs!”

— Anastasia Faiella, Interior Designer • San Francisco, CA


“Two Hats cares about their clients and goes above and beyond to deliver what is necessary for achieving the utmost quality and respect in your desired business field. They tend to details and focus on what needs to get done to make you a successful business. I recommend Two Hats to anyone that is starting a new business to a developed company that wants to go to the next level in offerings to the world.

Jonathan’s direction in business has helped create a foundation for marketing and communication with clients and co-workers. Damian Sol has helped create a functional backdrop for website(s) and online presence that makes for more potential outreach to future clients and exposure. Thank you Two Hats for the on-going coaching.”

— Justin Anchetta, Musician • San Francisco, CA


“Working with Two Hats Consulting has been an incredible experience. I was at a crossroads with my company – feeling drained, defeated, over-worked, confused and just plain over it! John was a true inspiration to work with. Through our sessions together, we were able to pinpoint the deeper issues around why I was feeling the way I was and ways to fix the imbalance. He is brilliant with strategizing new paths, creating a business plan and keeping you on track with the tasks at hand.

Through our work, I realized that my heart was no longer in it and decided to shut down my business. It was the most liberating experience! John switched gears with me and supported me throughout the process. He was flexible, supportive, encouraging and thoughtful through the whole journey. From business coach, to transition coach to life coach 🙂 He and his team can do it all! I will definitely work with Two Hats Consulting on my project.”

— DM Alesia, Sustainable Cleaning Company • San Francisco, CA


“I recently outsourced a website content development project to Two Hats and am extremely pleased with the results. John and his team were concise and on-target throughout the process, with the final product a masterpiece of punch-packing brevity: exactly what the client had requested.

IMO the key to this is a quality other reviewers have commented on: John is an excellent listener. In conversation he’s an expert at time management, getting right to the point and staying there despite the distractions any discussion has to offer. John understands the value of a single hour and how much can be packed into it, and in this fast-paced world that’s something you really want in a consultant.

I look forward to working with Two Hats again – good people, highly devoted to their business, very client-centered. They are a mighty team.”

— Charlie Lenk, Website Designer • Oakland, CA


“John Van Dinther is a gifted listener. He waits to give a recommendation until he knows that I’ve been really heard, even if that means coaxing more out of me than I knew I had to give. Once he’s confident that he’s grasped the issue at hand in its entirety, he springs into action with a personalized action plan that breaks down my toughest problems into steps that feel actionable, and also aligned with my purpose and values. Working with John leaves me feeling like fulfilling my wildest dreams is not only possible, but inevitable.”

— Damian Sol, Musician • Emeryville, CA


“Working with John has been exactly what I needed at a crucial point in my career. I was at a crossroads and needed an educated and empowered coach to help me make my move. Having the desire of betterment & the luck to have friends who swear by John, I was fortunate to have John’s expertise and strategical genius to help me reach my goals and beyond!

In our first session John asked for a date that I wanted a new job by- to the exact day- I had a job offer. The journey I have taken with John has been the last piece to a puzzle of confidence and self worth that I needed reminding of, in order to make the best & most empowered move for my future.”

— Navah D’Alessandro, Luxury Retail Clothing Buyer • Manhattan, NY

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“I’ve worked with Two Hats a couple of times now and have had an exceptionally good experience every time. John is the type of coach who does more listening than talking. They also frequently set up networking sessions for like-minded clients to share ideas around entrepreneurship.”

— Alex JB, Social Media Consultant • Oakland, CA


“The whole team at Two Hats Consulting is really committed to small business success. Highly recommended.”

— Elon Bartlett, Chiropractor • Oakland, CA


“John and the team were incredible coaches that made a huge impact on my business and personal life. If you don’t want anything/everything to change for the better don’t call them.”

— Bryan D’Alessandro, Brand Marketer, The Humans • New York, NY


“John’s ability to listen and provide unique perspective is a gift. My time spent working with John was catalyzing and still unfolding years later.”

— Navah D’Alessandro, Luxury Retail Clothing Buyer • Manhattan, NY

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“We get constant compliments on the design of our site. Damian was great to work with and committed to helping us update the site properly and efficiently. It’s been live for two months now with no issues. So happy with the outcome!”

— Nora Martin-Hall, Arcadia Contemporary • Culver City, CA


“Damian and John always keep their word. They are professional and never waver in their attempt to please their clients.”

— Paula Mack, Copywriter • Sacramento, CA


“Always an informative & friendly experience at Two Hats. These guys know their biz well & how to present it with professional skills & style.”

— Randy Thieben, Satellite Media Broadcaster • Oakland, CA


“Love this company – great experience! Two Hats is a capable team, lead by John Van Dinther. Warm, attentive, spontaneous, and skilled, this group is poised to help. I found them to be wonderfully balanced; supportive of individual style and aim, while introducing professionalism and guiding marketing principles. Highly recommend!”

— Melinda Hinman, Inventor • Richmond, CA


“John is a fantastic business coach. He knows the stuff you don’t know, and need to know. And he’s humble. He’s a excellent listener. His coaching will help your business make more money. Bottom line.”

— Adam Baraz, Life Coach • Oakland, CA


“Everyone at Two Hats has been amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend them highly to any business!”

— Jodi Oakley, Account Manager, Broadly • Oakland, CA


“We didn’t know where to begin when starting a business – John helped pave a way forward. It’s still early, but we couldn’t have gotten to this place without his help and dedication.”

— Jonah Chiarenza, Education Coach, Tools 4 Tots • Oakland, CA


“My company required creative input and print. Working with Two Hats more than satisfied our needs and those of our customers. I would use them again and do recommend them to others.”

— Frank Van Dinther, Print Media • Grand Rapids, MI

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