Your customers: Too big, too small, or just right?

Clients (and jobs) are like that extra-hot porridge, over-sized chair, or stiff bed: One size doesn’t fit all. Many companies go after clients that are too big or too small for them. Even when they get the work, it’s not the most rewarding or profitable. This [...]

What Do You Sell? The Power Of Knowing Exactly What you Offer Your Customers

It seems like a simple question - What do you sell? But you’d be surprised how many small business owners can’t quickly and compellingly describe what they sell. For many, they know and understand their product, but have a hard time describing its value to outsiders. [...]

Where Is Your Domain Name?

I hear from clients all the time that the world of domain name registration is confusing and scary. And believe me, I understand — there are layers upon layers of resellers, making it hard to understand who you're buying from. Many domain registrars are terrible at [...]

5 Design Strategy Questions

This is the first of a series of articles focused on marketing strategies for non profits and small businesses, such as building trades professionals and wellness practitioners. Today we'll look at website design strategy. This first step is to get really clear about the goal of [...]

Rosy Moon Yoga is SO LIVE!

Two Hats recently had the pleasure of working with Rosy Moon on a new website for her yoga practice! The first thing that was clear was that Rosy wanted her site to be beautiful and modern. We decided to use Avada’s brand-new Cafe demo as our [...]

The Golden Ratio in Design

Throughout time, designers have used concepts like proximity, similarity, continuation, repetition, and rhythm to illustrate harmony and unity. Symmetry, asymmetry, and radial patterns are used to create balance. The mathematical Fibonacci Sequence (the Golden Ratio) is known for its ability to create scale and proportion. Today [...]

How to Find Your 1,000 True Fans

I recently listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast that got me thinking really hard about identity. Specifically, I was thinking about the identity of Two Hats, and how we can better reach more of our "true fans" — clients to whom Two Hats delivers an extremely [...]

3 Ways to Get Clients Through Word of Mouth

Entrepreneurs, especially when starting out, need a steady stream of new clients, right? These clients may be old friends or acquaintances and can bring in a lot more business for you – if you do things right. Here are three basic principles to help you maintain [...]

Do Fancy Graphics Hurt?

When building your company's web site, it's tempting to pursue the most flashy graphics you can for the budget. Graphic designers are brilliant at coming up with lots of design options, each one better than the last, that make you feel important, like your web site [...]

Blog Images Not Showing Up on Facebook? Try the Open Graph Object Debugger

It's supposed to be a triumphant feeling. You've just finished penning your latest online pontification about the implications of Netanyahu's actions in US Congress on the world supply of Fair Trade free-range quinoa, and you're glowing with pride. You click the Publish button, scan your post for misplaced [...]

Marketing Strategy In Action – Case Study for Milagro Massage

Koryn Johnson is the owner of Milagro Massage Studio, which opened just last year in Downtown Berkeley — right at Shattuck and Center St. in the Wells Fargo Building. Koryn needed to grow her client base, and so she came to Two Hats for help. We [...]

How to Turn a Blog into a Website

One of Two Hats’ favorite lifehacks [] is manipulating a blog to look like a website. Having a "website" allows an entrepreneur to put out material on the web and begin building their marketing practices. Think of it in terms of a bike. Let's say that [...]

What Do Business Owners Really Want?

A funny thing happened with our one question survey from last month. “Marketing” won? That’s what people said they wanted. Yeah, that’s huge. May 20th Survey Question: My biggest, and most important, concern about running and growing my business is... Survey Answers: Logistics and systems - 12% [...]

Time Management as Self-Care

Timers are the most useful tools... The practice of wellness is being in a flow state. Where you aren’t conscious of your individuality and the stark separation. We often think we’re conscious all the time but the only parts you remember are when you are conscious. [...]

What Happens When The Web Guy Is Tasked With Building The Threshold?

Our hall threshold was in need of a reboot. The user interface was way out of date, and there were some connectivity issues between the floorboards and the bricks that were causing some system crashes. Time to ditch the old code and start the redesign! We [...]

How Does Your Business Get the Word Out?

Finding your business voice Finding the voice of your business. It’s work. Who are you reaching out to? What do they desire from you? What are the problems they want you to fix? What are the solutions they imagine you will bring? Finding [...]

Registering a Domain Name

A good domain name is important to establishing your web presence. It's not essential to have the perfect name, but choosing a domain that people can remember, can associate with your brand and — perhaps most importantly — can type into their browser correctly is very [...]

The Simple Path to Creating a Business Identity

So many new entrepreneurs get lost in creating a brand for their business, often putting too much money and thought into how a logo or website should look, but not focusing enough on what impact that logo or website will have on their audience. This branding [...]

Websites That Work: 5 Steps

Steps: 1. Make a 5 page template I recommend building it in Wordpress Use minimalistic, black-text on white-background Pick a theme with a header that clearly displays your email & phone at the top of every page 2. Create the wireframe The 5 page standard format: Home page [...]

Pick-Up-Artist vs. Salesman

Pick-up is under the umbrella of sales which is under the umbrella of persuasion which is under the umbrella of communications. 1. Differences between sales and pick-up skills. 2. Differences between good communication skills and pick-up or sales. 3. Any other thoughts on these three areas [...]

Fee Structures in Advertising

The consensus is that 15% - 25% operating profit, as a percentage of gross revenue, is "fair agency profitability." This translates to between 2% - 4% of billings on media and production. The advertising agency business is a service industry and operates under conditions of unusual [...]